The A-R-T of Exercise with Wayne Lèal

The A-R-T of Exercise with Wayne Lèal is launching at Anassa.

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The A-R-T of Exercise with Wayne Lèal is launching at Anassa. This unique programme integrates focus and fluidity with aerobic fitness and strength training. The workouts increase metabolism, balance, and flexibility, and are specially selected to protect joints as well as aid detoxification.

Wayne trained British boxer Darren Barker to lose 10kg in 12 weeks and become the IBF World middleweight champion. This is all without running and weight lifting, which can have negative impacts on the body.

The key to this is a combination of Water Asana, Pure Jump, and Yoga Asana. WATER ASANA: Water training is the ultimate isotonic exercise that moves a fixed amount of resistance through a specific range of motion. The major benefit to exercising in the water is the protection it offers for your joints because there’s no impact. PURE JUMP: It is an age-defying training program with proven benefits. It increases lymphatic circulation increases metabolism and aids detoxification. It also decreases shock and stress to the joints by 95% while still providing a cardiovascular workout as beneficial as running. YOGA ASANA: Sun Salutations are the simplest way to begin a yoga practice. They are a great way to work the mind and body, to centre and quiet our wandering mind. It consists of nine movements, based on focus, breath awareness, flexibility, muscle suppleness and strength. The A-R-T of Exercise (Age Related Training) is Wayne’s own training methodology and daily complimentary classes are available for ten people who book early enough. Wayne also offers One-to-One Private sessions.

A-R-T Introduction talks: 13th and 20th June 2015.