Basiliko Sample Menu

Our romantic candlelit cavern. Serves gourmet Asian cuisine with a hint of Mediterranean flavours, from Grilled Wagyu Beef Cannelloni to Alaskan Black Cod.

Basilico Menu
Mixed leaves, pickled vegetables and wafu dressing Marinated watermelon, daikon and kalamansi lime Brittany oysters, jalapeno dressing and compressed watermelon Dashi-ponzu with lime Spicy papaya salad, nam jim priao wan sauce Smoked eel, Unagi sauce and endive Sake, mirin and shitake mushroom butter sauce Shitake mushrooms, ginger, and spring onions
Alaskan king crab, soft shell tempura and arctic char caviar Wild Sicilian prawn ceviche, popcorn shrimp and spicy sauce Yuzu teriyaki, preserved vegetables and marinated foie gras Finely sliced tuna, spicy tuna salad flamed with unagi sauce pickled vegetables and tobiko Marinated salmon with sake, yuzu, seaweed, and avocado O toro blue fin, wild seabass, Alaskan king crab and salmon with Ocsietra caviar
Sake, mirin, and shitake mushroom butter sauce Tuna, salmon, seabass with sweet miso, wakame and yuzu dressing Oscietra caviar, sweet-wasabi glaze and Yuzu-ginger ceviche with soy and radish, tempura heads Caviar, shitake mushrooms and toasted brioche Compressed cucumber, tomato-ponzu and nori Flamed sashimi with finger lime and sudachi lime ponzu Working with our local fishermen providing todays freshest catch
Prawn, crunchy almonds, crispy rice, and smoked aubergine Kobe beef fillet, coconut, noodles, and coriander Free Range Chicken, spring onions and roasted cashew nuts Baby vegetables, ginger, and lemongrass
Red Miso, crispy pickled spring onion Teriyaki mushrooms and soy and ginger Pickled vegetables, Shiso and lime Smoked BBQ sauce, braised leeks, and homemade scratchings
Choice of
Grilled Yakiniku smoked BBQ - Tempura with lime ponzu - Thai red curry-coconut Soy sauce, spring onions, fresh chilli and coriander Poached Prawns in a sour and spicy aromatic broth Crispy confit leg, pancakes, hoisin, fresh cucumber, and spring onions
Choice of Tempura with lime ponzu - Thai red curry-coconut Broth - Grilled Yakiniku smoked BBQ Soya sauce, spring onions, fresh chilli and coriander Shiitake mushroom, ginger and soya broth with braised radish and pickled beetroot Crispy confit leg, pancakes, hoisin, fresh cucumber and spring onions
Edamame soy beans with citrus sea salt
‘Kimichi’ spicy cabbage salad
Sticky rice and banana leaf
Steamed aromatic rice
Soba noodles ginger and spring onions
Stir fried udon noodles with teriyaki mushrooms
Sautéed garlic Bok Choy

Anassa Wellness Cuisine - balanced and low-calorie
* (V) Suitable for vegetarians.